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Paradise Yogurt® - Paradise Yogurt, established in 1990 in Mission Valley, women/family owned, is San Diego’s finest Source for Healthy & Delicious Frozen Delights & snacks ... Paradise Yogurt was the first to introduce frozen soy/vegan gluten-free soft-serve, dietary soft-serves, creamy tart yogurt and other more healthy but great tasting products to the San Diego area. Come by and learn why our Customers tell us all the time that "...everyone should know we are MORE THAN JUST A CUP OF YOGURT AND TOPPINGS ..."

Best Healthy but Decadent tasting Frozen Yogurt and Soft-Serve in San DiegoBest Healthy but Decadent tasting Frozen Yogurt and Soft-Serve in San DiegoBest Healthy but Decadent tasting Frozen Yogurt and Soft-Serve in San Diegocustomer designed Hurricanes like Diary Queen Blizzards but betterfrozen yogurt health benefits

Murals above located just as you walk in on the left and right walls in PY II SDSU store by Daniel Hirsh (

And recognized by our customers as "Best Frozen Yogurt shop in San Diego" for 2008, 2007 and 2006 voted in reader poll for CityBeat magazine .... and also announced "Best Ice Cream Shop in San Diego" by A-List reader poll

...we would like to thank all of our customers for their support, votes and continued patronage ... it is because of your enthusiasm and support that we strive to offer more decadent but healthy products and the best customer service we can deliver.'s A-List Winner: Best Ice Cream Shop in San Diego

Best Frozen Yogurt Store San Diego 2008Best Frozen Yogurt Store San Diego 2007Best Frozen Yogurt Store San Diego 2006 Best Healthy but Decadent tasting Frozen Yogurt and Soft-Serve in San Diego

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Our Mission:

Deliver the highest quality, healthy & delicious frozen delights and low-carb snacks with friendly & helpful service, in an environment which aims to deliver an escape to a bit of "Paradise" to all our guests.

Here at Paradise Yogurt® San Diego, originally established in 1990 in Mission Valley, we deliver serving sizes that please and only use quality brands that contain quality ingredients.  We strive for the utmost in quality, cleaniness, selection and customer service. Almost all of our frozen yogurts are fat-free (nonfat, non-fat) without compromising the great taste that we are known for.  All of our yogurts contain "Probiotics" in excess of 100 million active yogurt cultures per gram at the time of manufacture and have the National Yogurt Association (NYA) developed Live & Active Cultures seal*. Additionally, our frozen yogurt contains two additional beneficial live active cultures than the minimum requirement for the NYA Live & Active Cultures seal.

National Yogurt Association Live & Active Cultures Seal

At store we have at least 10 different soft-serve based frozen yogurt, non-diary, wheat or gluten free and low lactose soft-serve products running daily (some stores have more flavors - check with each for details ), most nonfat,  and carry a wide flavor selection with our flavors changing daily, so please call us at our first store Paradise Yogurt San Diego in Mission Valley 619-295-Yogurt (9648) (or 619-295-9648 ), to hear the daily menu of flavors and, during the colder months, our great tasting daily home style soups ! 

We also carry select high quality low-carb snacks, such as all fruit, nuts and veggie bars, meal replacement and energy bars, as well as a select set of specialty craft items from "Paradises around the world" which should bring a little bit of Paradise into your home.

For our lactose intolerant, vegan and sugar sensitive customers, we offer two different decadent and rich tasting flavors daily of the super-healthy and popular nonfat, "Only 8 Calorie with live cultures" soft-serve that is sweetened with low glycemic fruit fructose that are low in lactose (more information on glycemic index of foods).   Check with your doctor first for applicability to your condition.

And now we offer one flavor daily of dairy-free, lactose-free, gluten-free 100% Vegan Soy based soft-serve.  This product really tastes great and is made with all natural ingredients, 100% VEGAN, no hidden dairy ingredients, made with Organic Soy - NO GMO SOY, Fat-free, Kosher, made in a facility and equipment FREE of egg, dairy, sesame, peanut and treenuts and 100% Gluten (wheat) free (BUT wheat is processed in the Facility where this product is made) Check with your doctor first for applicability to your condition.

For our diabetic customers, we now offer two flavors daily of sugar free non-fat yogurt; Always check with your doctor first for applicability of our products to your condition.  We also carry a specially selected array of sugar free snack bars, meal replacement and energy bars.

For Dieters, aside from a number of different "Live Cultures Certified" frozen yogurt flavors we carry each day, containing ~15-20 calories per ounce by volume, some sugar-free, we alos have other healthy choices. You can request "Only 8 Calorie with live cultures", Soy based gluten-free soft-serve or Skinny Mini for any mixed frozen delight.  So here is more on the nonfat "Only 8 Calorie with live cultures" soft-serve we proudly serve at Paradise Yogurt: It's all natural, there's no fat, low in lactose and carbohydrates, no cholesterol, 1 gm of Protein and 8 grams of Carbs in a 4 oz. serving and less than 12-15 calories per ounce by volume !  Best of all, the base is made with non-fat dry milk and can be enjoyed by most lactose intolerants.  Additionally "Only 8 Calories with Live Cultures" is NOT sweetened with sucrose - it is sweetened naturally with low glycemic fruit fructose. Many of our snacks help dieters as well, such as select high protein, low carb meal replacement/energy bars, which are fat-free brownies and 98% fat-free cookies, as well as low fat rice crispies.

We also have the results of our latest product development available at our store ... Paradise Yogurt's version of the "tart tasting" frozen yogurt, "PY Tart Natural", yes with active yogurt cultures, perfect with fruit only, which we also occasionally offer flavored versions with Peach, Boysenberry, Strawberry, or Raspberry.  Many visiting L.A. customers say "... tastes quite good when compared to ..." the products of the Los Angeles founded "P...berrys" and "R... Mangos" of So. Korea which is also now here in Southern Cal. ... CALL STORE FOR SPECIFIC "PY TART" PRODUCT OFFERINGS AND FLAVORS... FYI, Paradise Yogurt in Mission Valley has had real yogurt cultures based "tart" (some call it "sour") frozen yogurt (no powders ever used here) from the yogurt manufacturer who pioneered this type of yogurt in the 70's, since our founding in 1990 in Mission Valley.


Smoothies - "The Best in San Diego"

Really, this isn't hype, we challenge you, try ours and we know you will agree with our "regulars" (who want to keep PY their own secret) that Paradise Yogurt has the best tasting, most delicious and healthiest Smoothies in San Diego.  Please let us know if you took our challenge !  We use our premium yogurts, most nonfat, selected for lowest carb/fat, most natural ingredients and lowest natural sugars.  All smoothies can be made using any of our nonfat yogurt or soft-serve products, such as: WOW-COW the low lactose, sucrose-free (real fruit fructose) "sugar", low carb; or occasional low fat frozen yogurt choice; or the non-dairy Soy soft-serve option; or our occasional non-dairy fruit soft-serve choice (when available); or the Skinny Mini no sugar added (Splenda) yogurt selection.  All smoothies use fresh frozen or fresh fruit and juices.  All smoothies do not include ice unless requested or any non-natural additives.

Smoothies- 20 oz.

1. Strawberry Fields
2. Very Berry
3. Big Kahuna
4. Pot O'Gold
5. Blueberry Sensation
6. Cherry-Nana
7. Peach Paradise
8. Tropical Sunrise
9. Fruit Fantasia
10. Caribbean Blast

Power Smoothies

11. Powerhouse
12. Nuti-blast
13. Sportsman

... plus our own Acai berry creations, Customer and PY Team Member creations ...

smoothies with non-fat yogurt and no-ice



Hurricanes- Blended yogurt with toppings

1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
2. Health nut
3. Candy bar
4. Black Forest
5. Mud Pie
6. Cookie Jar
7. Blueberry pie

... plus our own Acai berry creations, Customer and PY Team Member creations ...

Hurricanes with non-fat yogurt and over 35 topping choices



Parfait Specials       ***Fruit Explosion***
A Parfait is fruit layered with vanilla yogurt & topped with old-fashioned granola.

1. Sunrise Parfait
2. Berry Parfait
3. Sunset Parfait
4. Tropical Parfait
5. Caribbean Parfait
6. Cherry Nana Parfait

... plus our own Acai berry creations, and ~15 more Customer and PY Team Member creations !! Come in and try something unique a Paradise yogurt original ...

best non-fat layered yogurt treat with choice of fruit and over 35 toppings


Shakes & Malts

Yogurt Shakes- nonfat milk & nonfat yogurt
Yogurt Malts - Yogurt shake & malted milk powder
Supreme Shakes - Yogurt shake blended with toppings

*Chocolate Monkey
*Nutty Monkey
*Mocha Banana
*Cookies & cream
*Strawberries & cream
*Peanut Butter Cup
*Hula Pie



Sundaes-served in a banana boat

1. Brownie a la Mode
2. Banana Split
3. Choc-o-holic
4. Peanut Butter Lover


Yogurt Sizes

Mini cup or cone (~7 oz.)
Small cup or cone (~8 oz.)
Medium cup or waffle cone (~10 oz.)
Large cup (~14 oz.)
Extra large cup (~pint - 16 oz.)
Family pack (~quart -32 oz.)

* Toppings * Fruits
* Toppings * Dry

waffle cones with all topping and non-fat yogurt choices


Yogurt Pies

Paradise Yogurt I in Mission Valley is known for it's delicious Yogurt Pies. These Pies are made with various types of Pie Crusts and layers of yogurts, soft-serves and toppings. Inquire at PYI for details and pricing.


Cold Beverages

Iced Chillers - Nonfat milk, ice, nonfat yogurt & your choice of flavoring or just Cappuccino coffees on ice .... and many low carb, no carb, sugar-free beverages from many manufacturers in our self-serve refrigerated display case.

*Mocha Cappuccino coffee iced chiller
*Heath Mocha (English toffee) Cappuccino coffee iced chiller
*Vanilla Latte Cappuccino coffee iced chiller
*Spiced Chai Teas iced chiller



Yogurt of your choice with soda of your choice ... (i.e. usually root beer such as Virgil's gourmet award winning root beer when available with Vanilla Yogurt)



A refreshing blended float


Italian Soda

Sparkling water with your choice of Torani flavored syrup


All Fruit, Veggy and/or Nuts, Energy, Snack, Dieting (high protein / low carb), Meal Replacement, Diabetic (sugar-free) Bars and Treats

Many specially selected products to choose from ... from all fruit or vegetables with no additives bars to Carborite™, Carbolite™, Promax™ Carb Conscious, Atkins™ bar and snack line, etc .... come in and peruse our selection, and if we do not have what you like, tell us, and we will order in your choices !


T-Shirts and Hats

After years of customer requests, we finally have our new T-Shirts and Hats available. Check with both stores for prices and availability. Currently we have adjustable black hats and 2 styles of shirts: High quality black T-shirts and black and pink women's tank top shirts. The tank shirts have the main logo on the front as shown in picture below, where the T-shirts are available 2 ways: one style with mini logo in front left side and main logo on back OR second style with main logo on front (only this style is shown below).


Sponsorship and Fund Raising

We do get involved with both sponsorships and fund raising with organizations that our customers are part of - so being customers of our stores is a minimum requirement. Needless to say, please do not ask if you are not a current customer - our current customers do a great job of helping us spend our budgets annually in this department. During the past number of years there have been many USD and SDSU college fraternity and sorority related fund raising events we have been involved with, to numerous to list on this web-site. However, recently one basketball team we have sponsored in 2007 is worthy of mention and inclusion here on our web-site because of how much they like our yogurt products and our new T-shirts ! Below is their picture wearing one variety of our new Paradise Yogurt T-Shirts. THANK YOU TO THE YMCA SENIOR WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM OF MISSION VALLEY FOR THERE SUPPORT OF OUR STORES (and wearing our new shirts to all of their games !)

Paradise Yogurt sponsored YMCA Senior Basketball Team


Want Your Own Paradise Yogurt or Frozen Yogurt/Soft-Serve Shop?

We are currently evaluating a few additional locations for Paradise Yogurt dual-serve (like PYII) concept stores throughout San Diego County which many of our customers from those areas have repeatedly requested. We are looking for like-minded enthusiastic owner/operators for these locations. If you are interested in such opportunities, please e-mail: info @ QuantumWorks . com (please re-type into your e-mail program removing the spaces - this prevents auto spammers from deluging this e-mail address).

Additionally we are searching for partners who want to join us to help expand our women owned family business to answer the incredible demand around the country for our unique style of frozen yogurt treats and smoothie shops. Please use the same e-mail address listed above for such inquiries.

Do you have your own concept and name in mind for your very own frozen yogurt/soft-serve shop and are new to the QSR (quick serve restaurant) or more specifcally the frozen yogurt business? Do you want to lower your risk and benefit from our over 10 years hands-on experience in every aspect of the the premium frozen yogurt business? We can help you with our consulting services - contact us for details.

So Why Do We use Foam Cups Instead of "Green" Waxed Coated Paper Cups ?

This study by UCSD is one of many now being publicized which surprised us as well as many of our customers. Well, actually, when it comes to cups for drinks or frozen yogurt, Styrofoam might be better. That’s the conclusion reached by a group of students enrolled this quarter in a senior seminar on sustainability at UCSD. "According to the studies, it takes fewer materials and less energy to make foam cups. Making foam or paper cups puts out a comparable amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, the students found. But when you take into consideration that most paper cups come with a paper sleeve, paper cups actually produce more emissions, the students said. By weight, foam cups produce far less waste than paper; by volume, the two produce roughly the same amount. Also, foam cups are much cheaper than paper... The caveat is that foam takes about 20,000 years to degrade, he said. But at least foam is inert, ( ... compared to waxed paper) so it does not release toxic substances into the environment."

To read more, go to article -> UCSD study Paper or plastic? or one of many others on the web this Eco Joe article

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Paradise Yogurt I - Mission Valley location


PY I Hours:

Every day - 11 AM - 10 PM

PY I Main Phone:

619-295-YOGURT  (9648)    619-295-9648

PY I Location:

5664 Mission Center Road, #401, San Diego, CA. 92108

In Friars-Mission Shopping Center which is located between Frazee Rd. on the west and Mission Ctr. Rd. on the east, accessible from either street.

Store actually located West or left of RED STAR on GOOGLE map at "south" end of Mission Heights Rd. - zoom in one click and move map to the left to view this road.

(Just west of RALPHS in shopping center on Friars & Mission Center Rd., North of 8 just East of 163)

Click here to obtain Driving Directions

Paradise Yogurt II - TBD location


PY II Hours:

Winter hours: TBD

PY II Main Phone:


PY II Location:

TBD - many locations on the west side of City of San Diego are being considered

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We carry San Diego frozen yogurt, 100% vegan soy non-diary , soft-serve San Diego frozen yogurt soy Skinny Mini non-diary , San Diego frozen yogurt non-diary sorbet, Paradise Yogurt San Diego non-fat frozen yogurt, San Diego State University frozen yogurt low-lactose, low glycemic, SDSU, frozen yogurt at Paradise Yogurt San Diego, best frozen Yogurt in San Diego as voted on by readers of Citybeat for 2006 and 2007 and as Best Ice Cream store San Diego by TV A-List for 2007